Lunch menu served Monday - Friday 
For weekend lunches, please see "Dinner Menu"
[Asador not served at lunch]

$12 Express Lunch

Step 1 : Choose your meat

Wood fire grilled chicken thigh [GF]
La Boca signature beef skirt [GF]
8-hour Asador cooked pork belly [GF]
Whole South Australian squid [GF]
Sousvide champignon mushrooms [V, GF]

Step 2 : Choose your side

La Boca slaw [V, GF]
Baby potato & wholegrain mustard salad [V]
Bulgur wheat, tomato, cucumber & mint salad [V]
Charcoal toasted rye bread with olive oil [V]
Rosemary and sea salt chips [V]

Step 3 : Choose your sauce

La Boca chimichurri [GF]
Spicy aioli [GF]
Honey, rosemary and mustard [GF]
Asador Jus [GF]
Verde sauce [GF]

Step 4 : Add some extras

Chips $3 [GF]
Extra meat $5
Extra side $3
Soft drink $3
Coopers Pale Ale Pint $7.50
Hahn Super Dry Pint $7.50

Menu items and pricing correct at time of publishing but may be subject to change 

GF = Gluten Free | V = Vegetarian